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Wedding Coaching

Wedding Coaching

Let’s face it – sometimes wedding planning isn’t fun.

I’ll help you navigate the stress, maintain your sanity, and most importantly bring the joy back to wedding planning. 

Your engagement should be just as exciting as your wedding day. 

Through my years of experience in the wedding industry I have seen the craziness, and I mean craziness that comes with a wedding. I’ve listened to and helped many brides navigate those wedding challenges. The lack of support, the added guest count, the pressure of money, wants vs. needs, indecisiveness, friends and family drama, wedding party challenges,  amongst the many other wedding stressors. My motto is ‘your wedding should be about you as a couple’ so let me help you get there. 

One Coaching Session
75.00 (60 minutes)

You’re looking for some advice and clarity, you’ve planned your dream day and now you just want to focus on what really matters to the both of you.  You’re looking for a non judgement zone, somebody to share your wedding ideas and goals with. You are ready to connect with an industry professional who will be excited with you, and support you. And who, at the same time, will offer you suggestions and ideas based on experience. In this 60 minute session I will help you with your ideas so they will become clear, organized, and will feel achievable. 

Four Coaching Sessions
280.00 (60 minutes/session)

You are excited to get married and be engaged, but wedding planning is feeling overwhelming… You know you need to start, but you don’t know where the starting line is. Maybe you’re stuck or you’re frustrated. You have some ideas (thanks to Pinterest), but you need help turning those ideas into achievable goals. In these coaching sessions, I’ll walk you through the wedding planning process, I’ll create a guide for your wedding planning success, and lead the way until you’re ready to fly free. 

Eight Coaching Sessions
520.00 (60 minute/session)

It’s supposed to be exciting, and it was fun to start, but the never ending ideas and opinions of everyone around you are exhausting.  At this point you’re lighting smoke signals, writing SOS in the sand, and pretty much ready to elope. You wish you could afford a wedding planner to just do it all for you. Maybe you can’t decide on anything, yet everyone seems to know what you should be doing or how you should do it – except you. Your family dynamics are getting intense, the wedding party isn’t helping, the guest list is growing, the details are piling up, and you’re unsure how you’re going to handle it all. I know, I have been there. I care and I want to help you. With these 8 sessions we will decide what is most important to you both, gather the tools you need to start your wedding planning journey, and create a strategic wedding planning checklist for you to follow with ease. 

We love all love!